We De•vel•op

What's in a name?

So, what's with the funny name? That's a story for sure. My name is Paul and growing up, kids and grown-ups alike would call me "polliwog" thinking themselves clever or something.  Well, I'm all grown up now and a couple years ago, my sister-in-law started calling me "wog". Then one evening in the spa with the obligatory glass of Anderson Valley Pinot Noir—how most good ideas are conjured—it dawned on me that "Wog" would be the perfect name given the miraculous life cycle of the frog. You see, the polliwog, as you know, is that version of a frog that comes from a good egg and on its way to becoming an awesome frog.

It is the perfect metaphor for my favorite thing in business.-the growth stage. So, after adding another "g" the name stuck—Wogg. And here we are, growing businesses by taking a good look at their dreams and aspirations, what they've done so far, and then developing a solid plan for future growth...becoming an awesome frog.

At Wogg, we develop. We want to hear from you and what your dreams are. So, hang out for a while, check out the site or just give us a call or click and let's see about your metamorphosis.